Trauma: Mind, Body, Spirit

Healing the wound, finding meaning, rediscovering you.   

Shame Following Pregnancy or Infant Loss: It’s Not Your Fault

“I continuously tell my patients, ‘You are not wrong. Rather, something very wrong happened to you’.”

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Amazing and Resilient: How This Psychologist Helps Clients Reteach Their Bodies How to Handle Triggers

Present day experiences which act as triggers can re-traumatize people.

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Trauma From The Workplace

In an article featured on The Cut, Erika Stallings chronicles how experiences in racist, toxic workplaces frequently lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Research: Why People Stay In Bad Relationships

“The more I accept exactly what the situation is…the better off I am. Reality is in the present, not the past. I notice, more and more, there is a certain kind of mourning that goes with letting go of the illusion and seeing that the relationship is not what I thought it was going to be…”

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Closure: You Don’t Have to Forgive an Abusive Parent On Their Deathbed

An offers an insightful look into closure and forgiveness. Bobbi Dempsey writes about choosing not to reconcile with her abusive father at the time of his death.

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