Narcissism & Scapegoating

Navigating the rocky, unpredictable terrain of life
with a narcissist. 

Toxic Relationships in Contemporary Fiction

These novels feature difficult relationships, manipulative dynamics, and unhealthy patterns which may help you recognize the behaviors and the impact of a toxic relationship in your own life.

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Ludo’s “Love Me Dead” mirrors narcissism to perfection

The lyrics are brilliant, capturing in creatively distilled words the agony and fleeting ecstasy of the illusion the narcissist projects–and how we fall for it, and get kicked by it.

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Desperation examined via the words of John Updike: “Was I clever enough? Was I charming?”

This book review in the New York Times about a a biography by Adam Begley about John Updike (an author whose work I happen to like so very much) made me think about desperation and the lengths one goes to to be seen. (Not the book review specifically, but about what it says about John Updike.) And

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Narcissism: Unsolvable, Unfixable, But, If You Love a Narcissist, Something Simple You Can Do

When I think about it, narcissism is too big for any one person to fix.

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Don’t Apologize for Something Your Narcissist Parent Did. Rescue Yourself Instead

A healthier, nontoxic way of being in a relationship with your n parent would be for you to figure out, based on internal cues, where you may or may not have misstepped.

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