Guilt, Shame & Self-Blame

Guilt and shame about what you did or didn't do to survive.
We explore that dilemma here.

Insidious Shame After Abuse: Understanding It Gives You Your Power Back

Let’s say that the person—family member—who abused you is dead. But friends

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23 Ways to Mess With Shame (Instead of It Messing With You)

Try one, some, or all—anytime, anywhere. Take deep breathsJournal Draw pictures of the

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Ditch the shame about your adult kid who never grew up. Take care of you instead

I was in Costco a few days before the governor of California

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Orphan Shame Is Real. How One Creator Is Working to Change That

by B.K. Jackson B.K. Jackson is a journalist and editor and founder

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I didn’t know whether to call what happened to me “incest.” But finally saying it eased my pain and my shame

For a long time I didn’t know whether to call what happened

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