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Self-care for bereaved parents

Understand that you have the right to honor your baby as you choose. You have the right to name your baby and speak your baby’s name. You have the right to celebrate your baby’s lifetime. This right is inherent in that no one can give it to you and no one can take it from you.

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Trauma-Informed Books

by Meredith Resnick, LCSW

Meredith's books offer distilled and powerful suggestions to aid in recovery from narcissistic abuse, toxic families, sexual assault, and other personal topics. The books she has written have sold and helped tens of thousands in their recovery from the damaging effects of abuse and trauma. Maybe they can help you, too. 

Narcissism Surviving the Self Involved Book Cover
Surviving the Narcissist 30 Days of Recovery
When Your Parent is a Narcissist Book Cover