Reclaim You

Unfurl, emerge, deepen and grow.

Are you obliged to care for an older parent who abused you? When you were younger you did not have choices. Now you do

Your aging parent is sick and needs help, a lot of caregiving

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Writing Helps Heal Shame

I loved this piece from about life writing. Uddipana Goswami explains

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Trauma and Shame Recovery Sparked By Only a Few Words

Traumatic events make us feel separate from ourselves. For some, the trauma

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The Paradox of Self-Connection

We think of a sturdy self-connection as being beneficial. And that’s true.

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Old Problems, New Perspectives, and the Possibility of Hope

“As I change my outlook, the world around me will shift because

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Letting Go of Resentment

Ask yourself what you’re upset with today. Is it anger or is

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