Violation Is No Laughing Matter

Distilling Trauma

An article by Anna Maxted offers insight into situations of indecent exposure. Maxted dispels myths about “flashing” and how these assaults often have traumatic, distressing repercussions.

“Flashing is generally regarded as a harmless prank, but when it happens to you, it isn’t funny.

…if a burly man confronts a lone female walking her spaniel through woods, the fear is paralysing…will he attack her? He has already proved that he is prepared to cross the boundaries of normal conduct. How much further is he willing to transgress? The flasher’s unpredictable behaviour is the most terrifying aspect of all.”

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About the author 

Jillian Bietz

Jillian Bietz is a writer and editor who enjoys doing in-depth research and exploring a wide-range of topics including all facets of mental health and wellness. She is the editor for My Voice Can Speak.

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